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Topics: Hero, Joseph Campbell, Jungian archetypes Pages: 3 (1167 words) Published: January 14, 2013
Angela I. Hyse
Valerie Doner
English IV Honors
4 October 2012
Archetype Essay
Courageous feats against evil, self-sacrificial acts for justice, and invincible God-given stamina which happens to accompany a chiseled robust frame that contours the perfect shadow in any light devises a common image. This recurring concept of the undaunted hero is archetypal; these symbols represent things that have been experienced throughout human existence. They are continuously used by writers and artists, meaning that the fundamental concept is transferred, making archetypal language a part of the everyday world. The daily lives of people are immersed in these symbols and ideas, leaving most unrecognizable. It is explained in a pattern Carl Jung calls the collective unconscious. Blogger Sandra Busby states that Jung compares humans to fish in the ocean; just as we breathe the air of our atmosphere, fish swim in the water. We are so frequently consumed in it, we don’t even know it’s there. Archetypes are everywhere, unconsciously absorbed energy patterns that are used to move humans along to grow and evolve. Due to different cultures and languages, heroes can be conceived in countless ways. The basic idea has been the same since the beginning of time: a hero represents a protector and savior. To achieve the status of ultimate defender the Monomyth Process must be endured. According to a reference on wikipedia, Joseph Campbell explains the process in his book The Hero with a Thousand Faces (1949); he refers to it as “the hero’s journey.” Hercules from the Disney movie Hercules endures this exact journey throughout the movie. In a monomyth, a call is received to enter another world; this world consists of tasks and trials that must be accepted (Doner 8/20). In most cases the hero must survive a severe challenge; if the hero survives a gift is granted. The hero then has to decide whether or not to return to the ordinary world with the gift or to stay. If the hero decides to...
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