Archetype Paper

Topics: Change, Archetype, Zora Neale Hurston Pages: 2 (572 words) Published: April 27, 2013
Archetype Changes
Archetypes help define who a person is, whether they are loving and caring, powerful like a sovereign, tricky like a wizard or jester, or hostile like a warrior or fighter. No one's archetype stays the same throughout their entire life. At some point in everyone's lives, their archetype changes due to the unpredictable changes in life. A piece of literature that establishes how characters can change from one archetype to another is the story “Sweat”, by Zara Neale Hurston. In the story “Sweat”, Delia's archetype changes from a lover to fighter.

To begin with, Delia shows the characteristics of a carer. Delia was “ a wash woman, and Monday morning meant a great deal to her,”(1). This quote represents how big of a deal her job of washing clothes for the white folk meant to her. Even though Sykes would down talk her “Delia never looked up from her work, and her thin, stopped shoulders sagged further,”(2). This quote shows how dedicated she is to her job. Even though she is hurting, she manages to do her job because she loves and cares about her job and wants to make her and Sykes marriage work. Sykes exclaimed, “Ah done tole you time and again to keep them white folk’s clothes outa dis house. He picked up the whip and glared down at her,”(1). This quote shows that even though Sykes disrespects her and beats on her she continues to love and care for him, even though he does her wrong. In conclusion ,Delia’s archetype shows how she is a carer in the opening of the story and changes toward the closing of the story. 

After a while, Delia changes her archetype from a loving and caring wife, (carer), to a brave and prudent fighter of her right as an individual and as a woman. Delia explains to Sykes, “…so Ah don’t haf tuh take no sacrament wid yuh. Ah don’t wantuh see yuh “round” me atall.” (8). Delia starts to show retaliation and stands up for herself. At the same time, Delia stands up for herself by finally stopping Sykes from abusing her...
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