Archeatype of Facing Adversity

Topics: Odysseus, Odyssey Pages: 1 (312 words) Published: September 30, 2012
Have you ever seen the movie E.T? Or read the book The Odyssey? Well in these two texts, apparent archetypes are seen. The archetype of facing adversity is seen in both the Odyssey and the film E.T.: the Extra-Terrestrial. In these texts, these challenges they face make it hard for them to reach their goal and finish their journey. In E.T., the scientists prevented E.T., the hero, from finishing his journey and going home. These scientists invaded Elliot, the helper’s, house. They set up a medical facility and block off Elliott and ET from the rest of the house. In this facility, ET “died”, but he comes back to life later in the movie. Similar to ET, Odysseus also faces a challenge that stops him from completing his journey. When Odysseus returns home, he finds the suitors in his house competing for Penelope’s hand in marriage. The suitors will not leave his home and they are attempting to kill his son. Odysseus has to kill these suitors to finish his journey. In both texts, the villains, the researchers and the suitors, stop the hero’s from reaching their goal.

The archetype, loyal friendship, is developed in texts like the Odyssey and is seen in the film ET. In ET, you see the loyal friendship between Elliott and ET. Elliott takes ET into his home and will do anything for him. Elliot helps ET at the end of the movie by bringing him from the medical facility into the forest and helping him home. Similarly, Odysseus and Athena have the same loyal friendship. Like Elliot, Athena will do anything for Odysseus and helps him home. She changes Odysseus into a man who wears rags, so he can go home and fight off the suitors. With these loyal friendships, it allows them to finish their journey and return home.
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