Archaeology: Study of Human Life

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  • Published : October 26, 2011
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Archaeology is not just digging up old bones. The perception that Archaeology is limited to this one aspect is a superficial stereotype that does not incorporate the huge contributions that Archaeologists make to modern life. Archaeology is the study of human life,culture of the past, and their remains e.g. buildings and graves. Archaeologists plays an important role in finding remains, preserving these remains, interpreting the remains and therefore reconstructing the past and preserve the past.

An Archaeologist is a person who studies the past. They look into the way people lived throughout time. They study where they lived and what the environment they lived in was like, Determine origins and time frame. They analysed the structures. They often find jewellery, pottery, cooking utensils,artefacts,mosaics, buttons, coins and all sorts of items that help the archaeologist determine where and how these people lived. These items can indicate what socio-economic standing these people had in the community. They can find out how the people survived and even how they died by looking at their remains and burial sites. An example of this was used in the investigation of the ruins of the city of Pompeii. “Fiorell Developed the use of plaster casts to recreate the forms of plants and human bodies” (Nappa,2009). Archaeologists give us access to the entire spectrum of human existence . They give us the knowledge of human history which is not written down. They interpret and analyse hieroglyphics and ancient scripts, they also date objects.

They use different techniques to carry out these tasks.
An Archaeologist using special tools to conduct and help them in the digging. For example
Antiquarian mapping uses maps from the past, which helps the archaeologist locate where the artefacts may be, if there are no other records of them. They compare the old map with the newer map, and they can work out where they should dig.

Another technique used...
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