Archaeology Fieldwork

Topics: Management, Research, Decision making Pages: 1 (302 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Fieldwork can easily apply within a business setting. The role of research in a business setting is imperative to any organization that wishes to provide solutions based on business intelligence and accurate findings. Business Research is essential to developing strategic plans to accomplish corporate goals. Additionally, business research helps managers to determine the best course of action in their decision making process or in developing a production process. Research may be either Applied or Scientific. However, it depends on what type of issues one is addressing as to what type of research needs to be utilized. The research process begins with a research question that opens the door to the problem that needs to be addressed. The question then can trigger the need for a decision. Upon review, in the Research process above, particular attention has to be given to the initial part of the process to determine the specifics of the managerial problem. The second stage of the process defines the type of research to be applied and the final stage defines how the research is presented to allow a manager to analyze the data and provide the best solution. This type of structure is integral to properly defining an issue, understanding the correct research process and criteria, and developing the best possible solution to meet the needs of the issues. When managers can create a structured approach to a problem they can easily define a structured and sound solution to any issue. There can be considerable risk to an organization if decisions are not based on sound and accurate data collection. In conclusion, fieldwork also identified here as research plays a key role in any business setting. In the workplace, sound solutions that are based upon substantial and proven research outlines the very best case scenario for an organization.
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