Aramex Marketing Plan

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  • Published : December 25, 2012
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Aramex's Marketing Plan

Marketing Management - Masters
Ruba Shannak

Table of Contents

Executive Summary3
Situation Analysis4
Marketing Strategy6
Problems Found in Situation Analysis
Statement of Primary Problem(s)
Statement of Secondary Problem(s)
Strategic Alternatives for Solving Problems
Description of strategic alternative 1
Description of strategic alternative 2
Description of strategic alternative 3
Selection of Strategic Alternative and Implementation
Statement of selected strategy
Justification for selection of strategy
Description of implementation of strategy
Financial Analysis
Technical Analysis

Situation Analysis:
A. Environment
Aramex has reported in their last annual reports that they are financially and economically doing well. Their service offerings aim to enhance domestic economic conditions in developing regions and support local businesses by enabling and facilitating commerce. Simultaneously, they also aim to integrate a number of medium-sized businesses within our existing operations in core markets, with a view to achieving greater efficiency in our operations and delivering more value to clients.

They are working on globalizing the branch through franchising, in addition to Investing in Infrastructure and Technology to Support Organic Growth.

Aramex policy dictates that the company shall not accept any funds from governments or political parties, and no such funds were received during 2011; neither will the company lend its support to any political party or movement.

B. Industry
Aramex is considered as logistics and transportations solution company that enables and facilitates trade and commerce for over 60,000 customers around the world through responsible business practices. Since it is a global company then its main competitors would differ from region to region. But...
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