Araby - Chasing for Disappointment

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  • Published : October 9, 2012
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Chasing for Disappointment

Irony in in the short story, “Araby,” is the comparison between the dream type of love the young boy feels for Mangan’s sister, and the reality of his own high expectations. Throughout the short story, I experienced a flashback to a particular external quote I had read previously, “Love is not what it seems, and just as reality has a way of dashing our dreams so too does the discovery of eyes blinded by love.” This is to reflect on how the young boy was blinded by love and that he was not aware till the end of the short story that his expectations of the show Araby was blinded by his love for Mangan’s sister. While reading the short story over and over, I happened to find symbolization towards how the dark and light are used to show how the narrator sees the world as a dark and lonely place the only light used in the story is used to describe magans sister, and in the end he learns how foolish that love was. This therefore, is making the light a symbol of his innocence and the dark the cruel reality of the world. Another aspect from the story, is how any individual could have easily inferred that, from the description of the boy's housing situation and the small sum his uncle gave him, their financial situation was tight

Joyce, James. “Araby.” The Harbrace Anthology of Short Fiction. 5th ed. Ed. Jon C. Stott and Raymond
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