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  • Published : January 21, 2013
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Ibn Sina
Ibn Sina is a renowned philosopher in the Hellenistic Islamic customs that prevailed in the medieval era. Sina’s philosophical theory on traditional Islamic practices is an all-inclusive and rational description of God as well as human nature. Ibn Sina, also popularly known as Avicenna, was born in Central Asia near Bukhara in the year 980AD. His father was a village governor in a royal estate hence his upbringing was not as strenuous as that of other underprivileged children in the area. At the age of thirteen, Ibn Sina started studying medicine under an esteemed village physician, and this was his first step towards attaining contributions of immense significance in diverse fields. The philosopher rose to fame for his rare academic manuscripts such as the “Book of Healing”, “Book of Salvation” and “The Propositional Logic of Ibn Sina”. The prominent philosopher’s contribution to the fields of philosophy, medicine and politics are discussed further in this paper. Ibn Sina’s Works

Ibn Sina is undoubtedly the most renowned intellectual personality concerned with Islamic civilization and affiliated sciences. Sina has even developed a folk hero’s image, especially in Arabic zones, Turkish cultures and in the Persian region, where stories praising his academic and healing capabilities are passed on from one generation to the next. This exceptional respect is largely depicted by the many learning institutions, research centres, and hospitals that bear the great Islam theologian cum scientist’s name (Seyyed and Leaman 247). Ibn Sina made significant contributions to virtually all sectors of society including religion, geology, metaphysics, chemistry, mathematics, language, psychology, music and astronomy. His contribution to the occult sciences cannot be overlooked and neither can the broad field of philosophy. Due to the diversity of these academic advances by Sina, many studies have been dedicated to analyzing his works, both in the West and in the...
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