Arabian Nights Summary

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The story starts with the description of two brothers, one is the King Shahryar, of Banu Sasan in the islands of India and other is King Shah Zaman of Samarkand in Barbarian land. They were full of grief and anger at the treason of their wives. The King Shahryar swore himself a binding oath that whatever wife he married he would abate her maidenhead at night and slay her next morning for he felt that there was no chaste woman on the face of the earth. As this was done for three years, the daughter of the Wazir, Scheherazade wished to marry the king so that she could try to break the oath of the king and save herself as well as other women of her country. Then King Shahryar married Scheherazade. At night she began telling stories of various kinds and the King was so immersed in her stories that he postponed her execution.

The stories told by Scheherazade included Ifrits, Jinnies, large palaces, heaps of treasures, lands and islands full of rubies, pearls and other cost lies such as velvets, satins perfumes, sweet meats, etc. Her stories were full of suspense and adventure. Some of the stories are the stories of:

Alibaba & the forty thieves. Alibaba, a poor fuel-gatherer once happened to see the store of treasure made by a group of 40 thieves in the forest. As he commanded the door of the cave, it opened and it closed. He took the treasury along with him and became rich. The robbers came to know and traced him out. They devised plans to kill Alibaba, but both times a slave-girl named Morgiana saved her master and killed all the 40 thieves. Then Alibaba being impressed, proposed her to marry his brother’s son, and she did as he wished. Thus they lived happily.

The hunchback cycle. This story is all about the hunchback who is loved by the people in the village because of his humorous jokes. One night when having a dinner with the old couples, the hunchback was overwhelmed with too much happiness which causes his death. Just because of people in the village loved the hunchback especially the sultan and because they are afraid of the sentence that the sultan may give, they tried to bring the hunchback body to the house of the doctor and due to the poor eyesight of the doctor, he stepped on the lifeless body of the hunchback which causes them to roll down the stairs. The doctor immediately checked the pulse of the village loved but full of surprised he’s dead. So what they did with his wife is they dropped the body into the chimney of the Chinese, just because of fright, the Chinese hits the hunchback which actually from the start, he is dead. So again in order to cover what he did to the hunchback, he brings the body of the village loved to the front house of the judge just because the judge is drunk, he hits the hunchback and the knight of the palace saw it. The sultan of the village called the judge to interrogate him together with the villagers which served as audience of the hearing. Just because of guilt, the Chinese, the doctor and his wife, and the old couple admit that they killed the hunchback. Instead of getting angry, the sultan laughed and laughed just because of the reason that the spirit of humor of the hunchback still remain in the village even he is dead.

Aladdin and the genie in the lamp. This is the famous story of Aladdin; a pauper boy in China, who didn’t know any craft. But from a villain-magician, The Maghrabi, he came to know that he was owner of many heaps of coins and gardens having crystal-bearing trees and a magical lamp and a magical ring. From the lamp and ring, there appeared jinnies and accomplished each and every task assigned to them. With their help Alladin made a huge palace and married princess Badr-al-Budur. He had many other adventures and lived happily with his wife, till death came unto them.

The sultan and the beggar. There is a beggar in the village that filled himself bottles of alcohol which causes him to lose his state of mind. The sultan...
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