Arab Spring

Topics: Yemen, Ali Abdullah Saleh, Saudi Arabia Pages: 2 (509 words) Published: May 28, 2013
Arab Spring: Yemen
The Arab Spring of Yemen began with protests in 2011. Both violent and non-violent events had occurred in the Yemeni Arab Spring. A whole chain of key events took place within the year that it lasted.

On January 27th of 2011, thousands, led by many individuals all over Yemen, flood the streets of Sana’a and other cities in the southern region. These protests took place in order to urge President Saleh to end his presidency. There were weeks of mass protests to follow this event. President Ali Abdullah Saleh has been in rule of the Yemen Arab Republic for thirty-two years. In 1978, President Saleh ordered thirty officers, charged with being a part of a conspiracy against his rule, to be executed.

After only two months of protesting, violence broke out. The government responded to these protests by killing 52 protesters via snipers. Later, President Ali Abdullah Saleh declares a state of emergency. Following this, many veteran army commanders leave to join the protesters.

A major key event is when President Saleh betrays the people of Yemen. On April 23rd of 2011, Saleh said that he will stand down from his presidency within weeks. After this, he then later reappears to renounce his promise. A month later, clashes begin to erupt between loyalists of President Saleh and various tribal groups. Dozens die each day from the fighting amongst both sides.

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Another key event during the Arab Spring is when his compound had been attacked. Not even a month after the clashes begun, shells hit President Saleh’s compound. President Saleh flees to Saudi Arabia, from Yemen, in order to treat his injuries. Nearly three months later, government forces repress protester camps. Due to this, more than fifty people die within two days.

As a result of these protests, many changes have been made. Many people died in the violence during the Arab Spring. Also, there has been a change in leadership. On November 23rd of 2011, President...
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