Arab Spring's Affect on Tourism

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Contemprary Issues in Tourism

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Impacts of the Arab Spring on tourism in the Arab wolrd and specifically Egypt

Ali Ali

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What is the Arab Spring?4
What Countries did it affect?4
Tourism in Egypt5
Revolution impacts on Egypt’s tourism6
Post Revolution 7
Conclusion 7
References 8

This report will briefly raise awareness of what the Arab Spring therefore to be able to have a much better understanding on how it affected tourism and still has a big effect. A country’s tourism can also be affected by neighbor countries contemporary issues, so it is essential to be aware of what countries were affected by the Arab Spring so all the impacts on Egypt’s tourism is clearer. The report will cover the current situation of tourism in Egypt and predictions for the future.

What is the Arab Spring?
The Arab world which is located in North Africa and the Middle East has few countries which are international tourism destinations such as Egypt, Morroco, Tunisia, Oman and the United Arab Emirates. The Arab Spring is a series of revolutions against dictatorship regimes that have been ruling the countries for many years without any democracy or justice for the country’s people, this political issue has massive impacts on the people of the country. As tourism is such a huge income for many countries, the people never got benefited from it. All income used to go the corrupted governments. So the people in the Arab World revolted against their governments to get their basic rights in better living and get their freedom of speech.

What countries did it affect?
The Arab spring has affected some of the mentioned tourist destinations, it started off with Tunisia in January 2011 then followed by Egypt in February 2011, and then in March 2011; “as Libya erupted into civil war, and anti-government protests in Syria continue to be violently put down Europe's holidaymakers have, perhaps understandably, been less willing to visit the wider region.” BBC (2011) The tourism in the Arab world was mainly affected by these revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia; they are very popular destinations the British tourists too. It affected Tunisia as it was the first country to revolt against its regime , even though the Tunisian revolution was not as bloody as other neighboring countries as “At least 219 people died during the protests” BBC(2011). Tunisia’s change of regime process was successful in a short time and it has recovered from losses and gained many tourists back. The case was slightly different Egypt as its tourism was the most affected by the revolutions. Egypt is a strategic country in the area and it has such a high importance to neighboring countries that is because of its strategic location and size of the country. Throughout history Egypt is known as the strength of the Arab world. So due to Egypt’s magnificent importance is had so much politics involved in its revolution from foreign countries. This led Egypt’s revolution to become even bloodier but the regime was taken down within 18 days only; over 800 people were killed by Egyptian regime forces in the 18 days. This affected tourism as “popular beach resorts such as Egypt's Sharm el-Sheikh were left deserted in the early part of the year, as holiday companies evacuated European tourists.” BBC 2011 Libya’s civil war that also started as a revolution had a massive impact on tourism in Egypt as it shares the western borders of Egypt. And the north west of Egypt on the Mediterranean Sea has tourist attractions such as Marsa Matrouh, Wahat and the White desserts. Morocco and Oman have been slightly affected by the revolutions, with Morocco it is because of Tunisia’s revolution as they share borders and also bombing that took place in April 2011 in Marrakesh, one of the major cities in Morocco; 15 people died in the bombings, and the...
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