Ar 735-5

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Army Regulation 735–5
Property Accountability
Policies and
Procedures for
Department of the Army
Washington, DC
28 February 2005
AR 735–5
Policies and Procedures for Property Accountability
This revision, dated 28 February 2005 --
o Changes the Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics (DCSLOG) to Deputy Chief of Staff, G-4 (DCS, G-4) (throughout).
o Revises DA Form 1659, Reports of Survey to Financial Liability Investigations of Property Loss (chaps 1, 8, 12, 13, 14 and 15).
o Requires contractors to report reportable Army property under the continuing balance system-expanded and unique item tracking to the Logistics Support Activity at least annually (para 2-5a).
o Adds requirement to inventory real property, general property plant, and equipment and stewardship land at least once every 5 years (para 2-6d). o Changes the term international merchant purchase authorization card to General Services Administration smart pay purchase card (para 2-10b). o Establishes policy for the task force property book officer to support units participating in contingency operations or war (para 2-13b). o Directs commanders to use automatic identification technologies (AIT) in receipt, storage, inventory, issue, and shipment functions (para 6-1a). o Changes the term wholesale level to national level (throughout). o Changes policy for coding property durable (paras 7-6 and 7-7). o Changes the address for submitting requests for deviation to HQDA (DALO-SMP) (para 8-2d).

o Removes quick service operations from summary accounting (para 10-6a). o Identifies personal arms and equipment as a soldier’s personal weapon and equipment assigned to them for their exclusive use (para 12-1). o Replaces DA Form 4697 with DD Form 200 (chap 12).

o Revises policy addressing the lost, damage, or destruction of Government property stemming from the publication of DOD 7000.14-R, and adds a new checklist, DA Form 7531 (chaps 13 and 14).
o Replaces the survey officer with the financial liability officer (chaps 13 and 14).
o Adds the use of electronic/digital signature on investigations of property loss (chaps 13 and 14).
o Adds policy for investigations against general officers or senior executive service members (para 13-17).
o Establishes the approving authority for investigations of property loss as the approving authority for inventory adjustment reports for inventory adjustments at subordinate stock record accounts (para 13-17). o Adds policy to authorize the Adjutant General to appoint approving authorities (para 13-17b).

o Establishes policy for appointment of an investigating officer (para 13-24 and fig 13-12).
o Provides a new table for the protocol for military and civilian rank comparison for the appointment of investigating officers (para 13-27 and table 13-1).
o Sets policy for the approval authority to assess a lesser amount of financial liability than the actual amount of the loss in appropriate cases (para 13- 41b).
o Directs garnishing wages when Army members and civilian employees held financially liable retire prior to a decision being made on the assessment of financial liability (para 13-42a).
o Establishes policy to allow civilian employees in the grade of GS-15 or above in supervisory positions to be appeal authorities (para 13-52a). o Establishes the installation management agency regional director as the appeal authority when the garrison commander is the approval authority (para 13-52a(1)).

o Allows any commissioned officer of the Army National Guard of the United States per section 710(f), Title 32, United States Code to make final fair wear and tear determinations on all unserviceable property prior to disposition (para 14-18).

o Allows the exchange of damaged organizational clothing and individual equipment when damage occurred while being used conducting official Government business (para 14-18c).
o Adds directions for adjusting for losses of...
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