Aquinas Natural Law vs Madoff

Topics: Bernard Madoff, Ponzi scheme, Stock market Pages: 2 (440 words) Published: March 24, 2013
James Wilson
Dr. Sprey
Core 4
Moral Dilemmas

Many of Thomas Aquinas moral ethics are still relevant today in the United States simply because the natural and human laws are apart of the US Constitution which applies to everyone in the American society. Aquinas simply states a right or wrong solution to his models using works from Aristotle and the bible to justify the three laws he applies. Theft and robbery were acts that went against the natural law. Bernie Madoff was guilty of violating his human rights of the natural law by committing Theft, and Fraud. Bernie Madoff was a well-known and respected stockbroker who committed the largest white-collar crime in Wall Street history. Madoff was found guilty for eleven felony counts and sentenced to 150 years in jail. Madoff used a ponzi scheme to collect investors money giving the investors intentions each person would be promised a gain of ten percent or more. Madoff greed not only affected the rest of his life in a horrific way but it also affected the common good of the community.

Aquinas believed thatnatural law is the same for everyone because as people we all share a common human nature. Aquinas was a firm believer that overall human nature was good, he felt that being knowledgeable and harmonious developed a healthy social life. In the beginning of Madoff’s career from the outside looking in it looked as if he had good intentions while he was working his way up the corporate ladder. Once he graduated from Hofstra University with his bachelor’s degree in political science he landed him in a job in the Manhattan stock market. Madoff was a hardworking employee and was well respected and liked among his colleagues and employers. Madoffs work eventually payed off as he used computer technology to develop stock quotes and developed the National Association of Securities Dealers Automatic Quotations. Madoff became the president of the NASDAQ and served on the board of the stock exchange. Madoff in...
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