Aquianted with the Night

Topics: Immortality, English-language films, Emotions Pages: 2 (487 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Acquainted with the Night
The first time I read the poem, I saw a murderer of a sort. Somewhere in the huge amount of time that I've spent reading stories, watching movies, and playing video games, “Acquainted” with the “Night” meant vampires. I can imagine something like an old man warning a younger gentleman, “Beware young man; In the darkest part of the night, those that are “acquainted with the night,” own the forest and it's roots. For it is there that they roam the free.” Something in the long line of entertainment I have seen has put those words together forever. This is my favorite story by far, because of the rain. Rain and its downpour bring sadness to some and joy to others, I would consider myself part of the joyous percentage. Sadness reminds me that I'm still alive, and reminds me that I have some distance to cover in order to be stronger person. I like the rain, and the night's symbolism. “Night” to me (In stories), represent the soul. The rain represents emotions like sadness and remorse. The man in the story has a darkness in his soul, and because of that darkness he has done something, something he feels remorse for. This is why either a murderer, or a vampire takes center stage. Vampires, for eternity have a darkness that plagues them. The night is eternal, always there right after sunset. The poem goes on to say, “When far away an interrupted cry, Came over houses from another street..” A person hears what he/she is used to hearing. A vampire is used to hearing anguish, death, and pain(safe assumption). It would be safe to assume that a vampire would have noticed the cry to the same degree, being able to describe the cry. A man who only knows darkness only sees darkness. A man who sees war, only sees war. The screams could be of death, agony, pain, joy, or of fear- noises that he has heard many times before. Another thing that caught my attention is the fact that he “outwalked the furthest city light”. This could mean two things. In one...
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