Aquatic Flora of Pulicat Lake

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Aquatic plants are those which grows in or near water and are either emergent, submergent, suspened or floating type. They exists in two forms namely microphytes and macrophytes. Microphytes include microscopic, uni or multicellular primitive algal forms called phytoplankton. The intensive growth of Phytoplankton causes colouration of the pond.They grow vigorously in the months of septermber to February and provide food for migratory birds. Macrophytes include large, advanced angiosperms . Pulicat Lake is the second largest Brackish water lagoon after Chilika lake of Orissa along the east coast of India. Brackish water is water that is saltier than fresh water but not as salty as sea water Esturies and lagoons have brackish water which shows high biological productivity than fresh or sea water. The International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) recently declared the Pullicat lagoon system a Ramsar site of International Importance. Present study aims to explore the aquatic flora of the lagoon especially macrophytes which helps to maintain the biodiversity of the lagoon.

Key words ; Aquatic flora – pulicat lake – Microphytes – Macrophytes


Pulicat lake derived its name from a vernacular name ‘Palaverkadu’ means plants with many number of roots. Those plants are mangroves with aerial roots called Pneumatophores. The word mangrove is considered to be a combination of the Portuguese word “Mangue” and English Word “Grove”. These are salt tolerant plants and are rich in this area and might be the reason for that name. The lake harbours rich and valued floristic wealth because of its varied ecological habitat...
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