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Professor: Lejla Čaušević Student: Irfan Ribic I-3 MYP AoI is human ingenuity because people invented something for themselves to make their lives better and more essay. Also AoI can be ATL because we have different access to learning trough essays. Fresh water was a major problem in many ancient cities. The natural water supply could usually support a limited number of people in communities. Roman people used to supply themselves from local springs, wells and river Tiber. Rome faced a problem because population increased fresh water was problem because these water sources were polluted by human waste. Life with leak of water is very dangerous for community. There is no hygiene and then whole community is exposed to many kind of diseases. It was necessary to transport water from other sources which were pure to Rome. Romans found solutions in aqueduct. The word is derived from the Latin aqua ("water") and ducere ("to lead"). An aqueduct is a water supply or navigable channel constructed to convey water. In modern engineering, the term is used for any system of pipes, ditches, canals, tunnels, and other structures used for this purpose. The Pont du Gard was built shortly before the Christian era (1st century AD) to allow the aqueduct of Nîmes (which is almost 50 km long) to cross the Gard river (todays France). It is part of the Nîmes aqueduct, a 50 km-long (31 mi) structure built by the Romans to carry water from a spring at Uzès to the Roman colony of Nemausus (Nîmes). Because the terrain between the two points is hilly, the aqueduct – built mostly underground – took a long, winding route that crossed the gorge of the Gardon, requiring the construction of an aqueduct bridge Pont du Gard. Pont du Gard consists of three...
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