Aqa History 60's Britain

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  • Published : March 13, 2013
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‘During the 1960s, leisure activities became more private and individualistic.’ Explain why you agree or disagree with this statement. (24 marks) The 1960s white heat of technology resulted in a massive expansion of leisure activities, but had the biggest impact on group/family pass times. Traditional activities such as going to the local pub or working men’s club survived the new age of technology and remained popular. Yet the new thing to do was caravanning and day trips. This was made a lot easier thanks to the cars and camper vans. They had the ability to hold luggage, goods and carry a whole family to a particular destination, far more convenient than the past hassle with trains and buses. As a result, cars were responsible for 77% of journeys in 74, compared to 39% in 54. The opening of 67 miles of M1 in 59 made travelling long distances in car easy and the affordable nature of cars thanks to Henry Ford’s assembly line allowed mass production of vehicles, with the hugely popular Mini going at £500 in 59 also. Seaside resorts flourished and places such as Devon and Cornwall made their names from this period. Affluence had a profound effect on Britain at the time and prosperity had meant a rise in wages and paid holidays. This increased income and leisure time allowed things led to the formation of things such as holidays. This was possible with cheap package holidays abroad, like two weeks in Spain costing £20. This is why passport applications almost doubled in the decade following 56. Cheap breaks also came in the form of Butlins, with built in entertainment it was often chosen as a destination within the UK. However, the technological advancements and inventions of the time did bring about individualistic behaviour. Radios became more portable and instead of the family sitting round the radio, individuals would listen to their own choice of radio station in their bedrooms. The huge amounts of new magazines, like Jackie, were very popular with the...
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