Apush Timeline 1607-1775

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  • Published : December 16, 2012
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1. (1607) Jamestown was formed: This event was significant because it was the beginning of the English colonies in the New World. Jamestown the first permanent English settlement in the Americas. The colonization was funded the by Virginia Company. After this colony was formed, more people started to come over from England. Without these colonists the Virginia colony would be much different. It also helped them learn about what kind of people they needed to send over. At first they sent over gentlemen who did not work, but then they realized they needed farmers.

Results of the Jamestown colony included the fact that this was essentially the beginning of the English relations with the Native Americans, or “Indians.” Also, Jamestown was a society that the rest of the colonies would try to model themselves after. Jamestown was created to help the economy of England. They did not find gold at first, but when the discovered tobacco in 1617, Jamestown’s economy took off. Some referred to tobacco as “brown gold”, and it quickly became a large part of England’s economy. Political effects include the fact that Jamestown was the beginning of England’s expansion into America.

2. (1617) Colonists discover tobacco: Tobacco was a very important landmark in Jamestown’s history. Commonly referred to as “brown gold”, tobacco was the first thing that really boosted the Jamestown’s economy. Tobacco was used a currency by the colonist for many years. This was a very important event because it allowed the colonists to make money, and boost their economy. Without the tobacco in the New World, the colonists would not be able to buy clothing, or any other essentials for living. They would be forced to make supplies, which would be very hard. It was also good for England because they did not have to pay huge prices to import goods from other countries. It created a market between England and the colonies.

3. (1619) House of Burgesses was formed: The House of Burgesses was the first assembly of elected representatives of English colonists in North America. The House was established by the Virginia Company, who created the body as part of an effort to encourage English craftsmen to settle in North America and to make conditions in the colony more agreeable for its current inhabitants. Its first meeting was held in Jamestown, Virginia, on July 30, 1619. The colonists elected the representatives. This was important because it was the formation of government in the new world. They got to make their own rules for the most part if they still sent money back to England. It gave them options to change. They were able to vote on issues in the New World. This was the first example of the colonies governing themselves. The House of Burgesses limited royal authority and increased citizen participation in the colonial government. The experimental democracy became the living example of how to create a democratic government for the United States. It seems that it became a model for other English colonies to follow. Such as the Southern Colonies and those would be Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.

4. (1619) First African slaves were brought to Jamestown by a Dutch ship: In 1619 a Dutch slave ship brought Africans to Jamestown. The captain of the ship traded his slaves for food and the Africans became indentured servants. White farmers traded their tobacco for slaves and made them work on their tobacco plantations. The slaves started by working in the fields. Only 20 were brought over in the first trip. After this, the number of Africans grew in America significantly. Only two men owned most of those 20 slaves. The slaves were used to help grow cash crops. It was very beneficial for the American economy. This was very significant because it increased the output of cash crops in the English colonies. This increased the need for slaves in the New World. They realized that they could use slaves to labor in their fields of tobacco. The...
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