Apush Summer Assignment

Topics: Thirteen Colonies, Slavery, New England Colonies Pages: 17 (5694 words) Published: February 9, 2013
APUSH Summer Assignment

Chapter 1

1. Mayans Same Aztecs
Yucatan Peninsula| Irrigation| Central Mexico|
Tikal| Temples| Tenochitlan|
Approx. 300AD-800AD| Hieroglyphics writing style| Approx. 1325AD| 20,000 | Hierarchy| 200,000 people|
Mainly farmers| The use of religious rituals| Human sacrifice| Large religious centers| Declined due to drought around 800 BCE| Used Trade routes|

Tribe| Political Structure| Economy| Location | What makes themUnique?| Hopewell| Social Stratification reinforced | Trade Importing Obsidian from Yellowstone region Copper from the Great Lakes Pottery and marine shells from Gulf of Mexico1032| Present-day Ohio| Large burial mounds Buried dead with striking ornaments fashioned by their craftsmen | Hohoham| Complex political structure| Agricultural | Highland region near present-day Arizona and New Mexico | Used irrigation to grow two crops a year. Had elaborate multi-room stone structures. | Mississippian| Privileged class of nobles and priests| Based almost entirely on the production of corn| North of the Rio Grande | Planted new strains of maize and beans protein-rich diet and creating an agricultural surplus| Eastern Woodland| | Agricultural | Atlantic Ocean to Mississippi River| Women farmed |

3. Both the New and Old World’s systems of agriculture involved irrigation. 4. The inconsistency of conceptions and deaths in the year are due to a number of factors. Many Christians practiced abstinence during Lent, and females were only able to conceive according to their work patterns, considering they were unable to carry a child while working. Finally, the transfer of disease brought along peaks along with plunges in deaths. 5. The role of the church had a strong influence on the development of Europe – from patriarchy, to social hierarchy; the church often determined the running of the community. The church helped to unify Europe, however it eventually led to its separation; Martin Luther was one major challenger of Catholicism, however many others found controversy with the church’s rules and doctrines. 6. Life in West Africa greatly differed from that in Europe. West Africa contained a range of languages and cultures, and some areas even had stateless societies. They practiced ancestor respect, and praised animal and nature gods. However, in places where there was a hierarchy, the princes were at the top, similar to that in Europe. 7. Slaves in Africa were typically treated much better than that which would exist in colonial America. Slaves in Africa were sometimes treated as family, held the right to marry, and bred free children. 8. The goal of exploration by the Europeans was primarily to spread Christianity, however they were also in search of new resources and available land, as well as a new route to Asia. 9. The reaction of the Aztecs to the invasion of the Spanish was at first surprise. Moctezuma had never seen people that looked like the Spanish, and their weapons were completely alien to Moctezuma and his people. However chaos eventually broke out, and masses were killed. They were helpless to the disease and guns that the Spanish had brought upon their arrival, which was represented by the dark looming cloud. 10. The Columbian Exchange was a network of trade between Africa, Europe, and the New World that resulted in extreme demographic change for all participants. This new trade system spread crops, animals, technology, and information in general all around the world. 11. The Protestant Reformation had a major impact on the future colonization of the New World. The Protestant Reformation began around the 16th century and was led by Martin Luther, John Calvin, and other Protestants. The revolt led to controversy and negativity from Catholics, resulting in the relocating of many people from Europe to the Americas. The Puritans were the first who decided to move,...
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