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Topics: American Revolution, British Empire, French and Indian War Pages: 3 (1108 words) Published: January 7, 2013
Jesse Lopez
Period 7
Joseph Smith-reported to being visited by an angel and given golden plates in 1840; the plates, when deciphered, brought about the Church of Latter Day Saints and the Book of Mormon; he ran into opposition from Ohio, Illinois, and Missouri when he attempted to spread the Mormon beliefs; he was killed by those who opposed him. John Winthrop (12 January 1587/8 - 26 March 1649)- led a group of English Puritans to the New World, joined the Massachusetts Bay Company in 1629 and was elected their governor on April 8, 1630. Between 1639 and 1648 he was voted out of governorship and re-elected a total of 12 times Maryland Toleration Act-Act that was passed in Maryland that guaranteed toleration to all Christians, regardless of sect but not to those who did not believe in the divinity of Jesus. Though it did not sanction much tolerance, the act was the first seed that would sprout into the first amendment, granting religious freedom to all. King Philip's War1675 - A series of battles in New Hampshire between the colonists and the Wompanoags, led by Metacomet, a chief also known as King Philip. The war was started when the Massachusetts government tried to assert court jurisdiction over the local Indians. The colonists won with the help of the Mohawks, and this victory opened up additional Indian lands for expansion. Nathaniel Bacon's Rebellion1676- VA frontiersmen seeking land clashed with Native Americans; Frontiersmen demanded help from the government; Jamestown refused aid, fearing Native American War; Bacon and his men lived on frontier; Bacon & men stormed Jamestown; Bacon died of fever; Rebellion collapsed; Colonial rebellion against government authority; Clash between east/west, rich/poor; Tidewater's discrimination against frontiersmen; Revision of indentured servant system, greater reliance on slave labor Enlightenment - Age of Reason - rationalism over superstition
- Scientific Revolution established...
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