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The Iron Horse
*The most significant contribution to the development of
such an economy was the railroad.
-The first one appeared in 1828.
- fast, reliable, cheaper than canals to construct + was year rounded ( did not freeze during winter)
- by 1860, railroads tracks totaled 30,000 miles ; 3/4 in the north

- Railroads were at first opposed because of safety flaws and they took away money from the Erie Canal investors.
- flying sparks of fire, feeble brakes, differences in distances between each rail stops
- improvement of brakes, gauges, safety devices ( by 1859 )
- tracks were bounded together with braces of iron and steel

WHY IS THIS SIGNIFICANT? : made transportation and
communication more efficent; people were able to travel
from the east to west with more ease

Cables, Clippers, and Pony Riders
- the creation of cables ,which are telegraphs,
that developed in 1858 by Cyrus Field created better
communication among people
from the north atlantic waters to ireland ;
line went dead after 3 weeks
- a permanent cable laid in 1866; linking
the european and american continents

- In the 1840s and 1850s, Yankee navel yards, such as
Donald McKay's @ Boston, began to produce new crafts called clipper ships. These long, narrow ships sacrificed cargo room for speed
and were able to transport small amounts of goods in short amounts of time. These ships faded away after steam boats were made better and able to carry more goods and, hence, become more profitable.

-The Pony Express was established in 1860 to carry mail from St. Joseph, Missouri to Sacramento, California.
The mail service collapsed after 18 months due to lack of profit.

creation of cables : communication improvement;
linking europe + the americas =
better trade relationships and communication
Clipper Ships: created a faster way to ship = higher demand of goods...
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