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Topics: American Civil War, Abraham Lincoln, Confederate States of America Pages: 2 (789 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Ironclads- Wooden ships with metal armor that were employed by both sides during the Civil War. Brought in a new age of military fighting, by getting rid of the old ways of fighting. Bounty Jumpers- Would enlist as someone else, desert, and then reenlist again for another person to gain a profit. Greenbacks- Name given to paper money during the Civil War, they weren’t redeemable for actual gold but were still handed out. Farmers wanted to inflate it to cover the cost of the depression but the bill that was meant to inflate the currency was vetoed. First Battle of Bull Run- First major battle, untrained Northerners and civilians retreated, this battle boosted Southern morale and made north realize it was going to be a long war. Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson- One of the better confederate generals who stopped the Union assault during the Battle of Bull Run. He was also shot by one of his own soldiers, known for being a “wall.” Ulysses S. Grant- Military hero, led a corrupt administration that consisted of relatives; he was an honest man but he had one of the most corrupt administrations. Also was one of the commanders who defeated Lee and led many victories. William T. Sherman- Put in charge of dividing the South by land, led the “March to the Sea” and scorched Georgia; also captured Atlanta in 1864. Florida, Alabama, and the Laird “rams”- The Laird rams were ships specifically designed to break blockades; the English prevented them from being sold to the south. Battle of Gettysburg- Turning point of the War that made it clear the North would win. 50,000 people died, and the South lost its chance to invade the North. Morrill Land Grant Act- To encourage education, the North received acres of public land to be used for education. Was also one of the laws the North passed alone. New York City Draft Riots- The poor were drafted disproportionately, and in New York caused riots to kill 73 people. Was a rich man’s war and a poor man’s fight. 20- Negro Law- Exempted...
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