Apush- How Revolution Caused Major Changes to the Country

Topics: Southern United States, African American, Black people Pages: 2 (365 words) Published: January 30, 2013
Vance Solinap
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The word “Revolution” doesn’t mean complete change. There were numerous events during the civil war like black land rights or hate crimes and many others that contributed to the major changes throughout the country.

During the Civil War, many African Americans fought for the union against the Confederates in hope to gain more freedom. It took many Africans to petition to the government for voting rights. In Document C, many African-Americans who took a bullet for the Union weren’t allowed to vote. Document E states that blacks are not only allowed to vote but also they are prohibited from purchasing land. African-Americans had no choice but to return to plantations and work there with a system called “sharecropping”. Some considered sharecropping almost like slavery. Lincoln's Plan was to re-admit States into the Union but they had to have at least 10% of the population take a pledge of allegiance to the U.S. and ratify a constitutional amendment which gave all Black males the right to vote. In Document G, There is a picture of the first black man to vote. Majority of the Congressmen wanted to abolish slavery but according to Document D, the government isn’t allowed to go through the issue of civil rights.

Overtime, many blacks began to enjoy their freedom but after the civil war there were lots of hate crimes committed against blacks. There were organizations that arose to bring back black discrimination. One example was the KKK. They lynch many African-Americans in order to scare off the others to prevent them from voting. The KKK terrorized black people. In Document I, The KKK wanted to do things that were much worse than slavery. Many policies were established to prevent blacks from voting like literacy tests, Jim Crow Clause, and Grandfather Clause. The South did this to bring back the old South.

The United States was far from reaching social and constitutional changes that were being felt across the country...
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