Apush Glided Age

Topics: Social Gospel, United States, John French Sloan Pages: 1 (256 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Person/Place/Thing| Who/What| When/Where| Significant Individuals | So What:Significance | Chinese Exclusionary Act | President Chester A. Arthur signed the act banning Chinese immigrants from working for 10 years| May 6th, 1882| President Chester A. Arthur| The United States was supposed to offer freedom, but instead they passed the first law restricting immigration into the United States.| Knights of Labor| A secret workingmen’s organization formed in 1860 to defend the interests of labor.| 1860’s-1949| Terence Powderly| This gave Americans a chance to give a say on their wages, working hours, working conditions, etc. without having the major consequences of the employer firing them, blacklisting them or doing lockouts of the companies. | The Comstock Act| Amendment for the post office that made it illegal to send “obscure” things through the mail| March 3rd, 1873| Anthony Comstock| It banned contraceptives and textbooks. It was as the first act of censorship in America.| The Ash Can School| Poor New York streets showed the realistic artistic movement| Early 20th century | William Glackens,Robert Henry, John Sloan, and Everett Shinn| It showed the living environment of the poor and immigrants.| The Social Gospel| They applied Christian ethics to social problems| Early 20th century in Canada and the U.S.| Richard Ely, Josiah Strong, Washington Gladden, Walter Rauschenbusch| It helped the women’s suffrage movement,|

Person/Place/Thing| Who/What| When/Where| Significant Individuals | So What:Significance | The Billion Dollar Congress| | Legislature branch March 4, 1889 – March 4, 1891| Benjamin Harrison| | Yellow journalism | | | | |

The Populist Party| | | | |
Plessy v. Ferguson | | | | |
Vaudeville | | | | |
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