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  • Published : January 1, 2013
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The Articles of Confederation was set in place to loosely join the thirteen independent states. May of 1787, Congress sent fifty-five delegates from twelve states to Philadelphia with a goal of revising the Articles of Confederation. Once arriving at the Convention, the delegates decided to completely start over instead of revise as instructed by Congress. The Articles were too weak of a government so the Constitution was made to be stronger, but still keep peoples rights in place. The Constitution was a large change from the Articles of Confederation because it built a stronger central government without giving too much power. While the Articles of Confederation were only to provide a firm league of friendship, more order was needed between the states. The government had no power to levy taxes under the Confederation but with the Constitution they would. The people of the newly formed United States didn’t agree with having taxes and were afraid of having them because of taxes that Parliament had placed upon the people of the New World. After the Articles of Confederation said taxes couldn’t be placed on the people by the government, some realized that taxes were present for a reason. The national debt started out in the millions because of the Revolutionary War. The United States needed to have a tax placed to pay the national debt, but the government wasn’t strong enough with the Articles of Confederation. The Constitution was therefore a drastic enough change to secure what was needed to resolve problems as best it could. The United States needed a stronger central government. Since the people were afraid of loosing their rights again wanted a weak central government in the Articles of Confederation. This weak government had only a single branch. To give the people protection, a strong government was needed. The delegates who were sent to revise the Articles of Confederation agreed on three branches with checks and balances. In the new Constitution, the three...
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