Apush Dbq -Chapter 9-12 I.D. Terms

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  • Published : February 11, 2013
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Tyler Miler
From the 1815-1860, two events changed the role of woman in society forever. From a social, political and cultural standpoints The antebellum market revolution and the second great awakening both played key roles in changing the woman’s role in the family, workplace and society. The antebellum market revolution was a key event in changing woman’s roles. Before the revolution blacks and women were not accompanied to the same rights as a white male, But white and white men both worked in the factory’s. Due to the antebellum market, women had to keep bearing children for labor, therefor A family usually consisted of 8-10 kids. For black females the market was a slave trade, that sometimes was heart breaking, because families were sometimes torn apart.(doc B) There was large conversations about the place for woman. They made cults, namely the cult of domesticity, where they talked about how mankind has degraded women an how they want the same rights as men.(doc E) the cult of domesticity in some ways helped woman’s social stature and in some ways degraded it. In some ways they wanted to be a house wife that is an auxiliaries to their husband and kids, yet they wanted equal rights and jobs. The cult portrayed the “middle class” female as a housewife.(doc H) Women wanted the same rights as men set set up petitions (doc I), tried to make reforms, and pretty much caused this revolution with the power of numbers. With the women in the house and the males working in the factory’s it seemed like families were more tightly knit together ,especially the moms and children.(doc G) Even though the antebellum revolution played a big role in changing woman’s social stature,there was another event that played a large part. The second great awakening was a giant revival of cultural and religious praising. This was a nationwide event but it effected women in a big way. With all of converting and religious harmony most families embraced it...
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