Apush Chapter 24 Notes

Topics: Rail transport, Union Pacific Railroad, First Transcontinental Railroad Pages: 4 (942 words) Published: February 14, 2013
Chapter 24- Industry Comes of Age

The Iron Colt Becomes an Iron Horse
·Government-business entanglements that shaped politics post-civil war hindered the industrial movement ·In 1865 there was only 35000 miles of railroad but in 1900 there was 192556 miles ·Transcontinental railroad very costy and risky

·Congress gave a lot of money to railroads because they were “necessary” ·Railroads got one square mile of land on either side of the railroad ·Until sure of exactly where the railroad would go they wouldn’t let anyone else use the land ·Prez Cleveland in 1887 through open to settlement the still unclaimed public portions of land grant areas ·Granting land to railroads was a relatively cheap and easy way to get the railway system going

Spanning the Continent with Rails
·Deadlock over transcontinental railroad was broken in 1850s when south seceded ·1862 congress ok-ed the rail line
oWanted to secure the west coast to the union
·Construction gangs (mostly Irish) worked franticly on the “union pacific railroad” ·Hostile Indians attacked then while building multiple times oMany men lost their lives on both sides
·Central pacific railroad was granted the same time the union pacific was ·All in all union pacific built 1086 and central pacific built 689 miles of track Binding the Country with Railroad Ties

·4 other transcontinental railroads built before 1900
·Northern pacific railroad from lake superior to Puget sound finished in 1883 ·The Atchison from Topeka to Santa Fe through southwestern deserts done in 1884 ·Southern pacific from new Orleans to San Fran done 1884

·Great northern from Suluth to Seattle was the creation of James J Hill ·Many pioneers over invested in the land for railroads
Railroad Consolidation and Mechanization
·The older eastern railroads (I.e New York Centeral) ,were headed by Cornelius, Vanderbilt and financed the successful western railroads ·Advancements in railroads included the steel rail...
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