Apush Ch. 33 Assignment

Topics: World War I, United States, World War II Pages: 2 (657 words) Published: January 26, 2011
Brandon Gonzalez
Per. 3
APUSH Ch. 33 Assignment
1. The three adjectives I would use to describe the Kaiser portrayed in this cartoon would be evil, defiant and powerful. The Kaiser’s sword, hat and cape and altogether his outfit give me the impression that he is a powerful figure. The cartoonist creates an evil impression of the Kaiser by the dark color the cartoonist uses for the Kaiser and also the skull on the flag that is located next to the Kaiser. Also the disapproving and snobbish look on the Kaiser’s face gives the impression that the Kaiser is defiant. 2. The image of the American soldier stopping the Hun from attacking the woman and her child and the words “HALT the HUN!” created an emotional appeal which helped persuade Americans to buy U.S. government bonds to fund the war and also helped persuade young men to enlist in the war. The German is posed as a threat to society so this helps persuade Americans that Germany is the enemy and that they need to stop the Germans. The fight that is assumed to be is World War I. 3. The connections between soldiers fighting trench warfare and war gardens are that the boy with a hoe could represent a soldier with his weapon and the ground in which the boy is on may represent the trenches the soldiers fought on. Also the boy is not standing but his head and his weapon is only thing that is seen. This can be compared to a soldier in trench warfare because a soldier would not stand up but would be in the same position as the boy in poster is portrayed for if the soldier would stand up, then the soldier would die. The slogan helps persuade people to keep raising food because this food is also being raised to not only help the U.S. soldiers but also all of America and its allies as well and also if they keep raising this food they can achieve peace altogether. Also raising more food would ease pressure on food supplies. 4. The point of the cartoon is convince to help spread awareness to...
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