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  • Published : November 14, 2011
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The Northern, Middle, and Southern colonies make up the original 13 American colonies. Although all of these colonies made up the U.S. at the time, there were many differences, as well as similarities. All of the colonies had different types of government, ways to earn money, and different views on women’s rights, and religion. Many other factors contribute to the differences between the Northern, Middle, and Southern colonies as well. In addition to these differences, a number of similarities come into play, such as the same language, allegiance and similar soil conditions in certain colonies.

The Northern, Middle, and Southern colonies all had a certain form of government. The Northern colonies exercised a town-meeting democracy. New towns were hired by the authorities in England, and the task of distributing the land was given to the proprietors. Also, proprietary governors and elected colonial assemblies typically ran the Middle colonies. In the South, the government was mostly comprised of planters and farmers. As a whole, the Northern, Middle, and Southern colonies were all a part of the British Empire. As a result of these colonies being a part of the Empire, the major language was English, and all of the colonies were obligated to uphold the same allegiance toward England.

Economically, the Northern, Middle, and Southern colonies were all supported in different ways. In the Northern colonies, the economy was run by manufacturing. They also focused on trade, lumber, and fishing. These colonies had attempted to farm, but because of the terrible conditions of the soil, this was not possible. In contrast to the Northern colonies, the Middle colonies ran a more farming based economy. Due to the rich grains they grew (e.g. rye, oats, barley, wheat); the Middle colonies have been often referred to as the “bread basket.” Similarly, the Southern colonies had a farming based economy. The South had very rich soil suitable for farming like the Middle colonies....
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