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Topics: United States, President of the United States, Federalism Pages: 2 (580 words) Published: May 13, 2013
Vital domestic and foreign events have occurred in the 1790s and were both what helped shape American politics. There were domestic affairs such as the Whiskey Treaty, establishment of the first bank of the United States, Alien and Sedition Acts, and discussion of narrow and broad views of the constitution. Foreign events include the XYZ Affair, Jay’s Treaty, and Pickney’s Treaty. There were two political parties that were shaped by these and many other affairs: Federalists and Republicans. The Federalists who supported Hamilton who wanted a strong centralized government, high taxes, and a national bank to find financial stability in the country. The Republicans were supporters of Jefferson who wanted to limit federal power, not create a national bank because of which they had a narrow interpretation of the Constitution. Hamilton, the Federalist, tried to repay the debt the U.S. had owed. This caused tension between the North and South creating the two parties: Federalist and Republican. A domestic affair , the Whiskey Tax was promoted by Hamilton which the tax money was used to pay off debts the U.S. had owed. The establishment of the First Bank of the United States was what helped create the thoughts of Federalists of creating a financially stable nation. Though opposed by Jefferson saying that it would only benefit merchants and investors and hurt the rest of the country, it was established anyway. The Alien and Sedition Acts were used by Federalists to get rid of whatever Republican enemies they had from France. The Acts made it harder for one to become a citizen, creating a stronger Federalist Party. It also allowed the President to deport anyone of suspicion of making false writings about the government. This was later ruled as unconstitutional by Jefferson and repealed. The Federalist Party was shaped by domestic affairs into becoming a party that cared a lot about the country’s financial position. The foreign affairs for example the XYZ Affair, almost led...
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