Topics: United States, War of 1812, New England Pages: 2 (483 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Nitin Sampath
AP US History
Period 1
Essay- (4/11-4/12)
The early republic of America was faced with many challenges and changes in all aspects of its society. One big change was the amount of power of the national government accumulated and some people favored this while it also faced serious opposition. The Whiskey Rebellion (1794) and the Hartford Convention (1814-1833) were two of many major struggles against the proliferating power of the national government.

After the American Revolution, during George Washington’s presidency, farmers who produce d grain and corn often had leftover supplies and so they produced whiskey from these leftovers as a way of trading or a substitute for money. The national government decided to start taxing the farmers on whiskey and so many farmers rebelled because they felt that they were still being taxed without representation. The actual rebellion took place in 1794, when more than 500 men attacked the home of tax inspector John Neville, but the states gathered a huge militia of 13,000 soldiers to confront the rebels but they all had left and there was no confrontation. The rebellion was not highly effective, but it showed that the national government could protect itself and had the strength to put down rebellions. Even though there had been no confrontation, we could see that many people felt that they were losing their own sovereignty and they felt the national government was doing the same as what the Crown did to them.

Another form of opposition to the national government took place in the Hartford Convention (1814-1833). The War of 1812 and the growing power of the government erected many problems and so New England Federalists wanted New England to secede from the United States. They wanted to secede because they needed to reduce trade restrictions and improve merchant trade which the United States did not allow during War of 1812 according to Madison. The convention was very ineffective as New...
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