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  • Published : April 17, 2013
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Background Info: The Cold War between the US and the USSR was a long, complicated era of fear, tension, and animosity. Right after World War II, the U.S and the USSR started having ideological and political disputes over territories and ammunition. This became a full blown Cold War when Berlin was blockaded by the Soviets but was aided by America with an airlift. As Winston Churchill, prime minister of Britain, had said, an iron curtain had descended between the East and the West, communist and noncommunist Thesis: Different presidents had different ways of dealing with this new threat to America. Dwight Eisenhower had a policy of brinksmanship, while Richard Nixon believed in a state of détente. However, both believed that communism should be contained, and that the United States had to come out of the war as a victor. Supporting Paragraph #1:

Supporting Fact #1: Brinksmanship was the idea of constantly putting the enemy on edge Supporting Fact #2: the use, or possession, of nuclear weapons, would serve as both a threat and a deterrent to the enemy, this was known as “Mutually Assured Destruction.” Supporting Fact #3: Under Eisenhower, America was spurred on an arms race, especially when the Soviets launched Sputnik, after this America race to build weapons, and further technology in order to go into space Clincher: Under Eisenhower, the U.S was constantly competing with the USSR to endure that it would always have the upper hand, falling behind would mean failure and, potentially, destruction Supporting Paragraph #2:

Sub-Thesis: Nixon’s approach was different, instead of threatening constantly, he decided on diplomacy Supporting Fact #1: Nixon broke barriers when he went to China in what is known as ping-pong diplomacy Supporting Fact #2: The fact that Nixon went to China shows his willingness to compromise, since the United States had not even recognized China because of its communist ideology, the visit to China was also a brilliant move because it put the...
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