Aptitude Test

Topics: Vijayanagara Empire, Indian independence movement, Indian Navy Pages: 3 (858 words) Published: October 22, 2012
Written test pattern for SBI clerk job 2009 The written test will be of Objective type consisting of (i) General Awareness (ii) General English (iii) Quantitative Aptitude (iv) Reasoning Ability and (v) Marketing Aptitude/ Computer knowledge. The questions in these objective tests, except for the test of General English, will be printed in bilingual i.e., English & Hindi. There will be negative marks for the wrong answers in the Objective tests. 1/4th marks will be deducted for each wrong answer. Candidates will have to pass in each of the objective tests. SBI Bank Clerk Exam previous year question Paper with answers. 1. Which of the following has been selected for best parliamentarian of the year award 2007 ? a) Priya Ranjan Das Munshi b) Mani Shankar Aiyyar c) P.Chidambaram d) Sushama Swaraj ANS : a 2. Fernando Lugo's name was in news recently as he has taken over as the president of a) Paraguay b) Sudan c) Afghanistan d) Pakistan ANS : a 3. ISRO has launched successfully ten satellites through PSLV-C9 on A. 15th March,2008 B. 30th March,2008 C. 28th April,2008 D. 4th May,2008

ANS : c 4. The newly constituted National Knowledge Commission is headed by a) C. Rangarajan b)Prof. R. S. Sharma c) Sam Pitroda d) Ms. Girija Vyas ANS : c 5. India enacted an important event of Indian National Movement celebrating the seventy- fifth anniversary. Which was it? a) Quit India Movement b) Delhi Chalo Movement c) Civil Disobedience Movement d) Non – Cooperation Movement ANS :c 6. Pope Benedict XVI belongs to which country? a) Italy b) Germany c) France d) Poland ANS : b 7. The media campaign " The World Is Waiting" is related to which of the following companies? a) Lufthansa b) Qatar Airways c) Indian Airlines

d) British Airways ANS : d 8. Who among the following has been elected as President of the International Council of Science Union? a) E. Sreedharan b) N. Ram c) M. G. K. Menon d) Goverdhan Mehta ANS : d 9. Which of the following countries launched the smallest...
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