Appying Operant Conditioning to Ones Life

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  • Published : November 6, 2012
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johnny Cash
Professor Nuts
Psychology 140
26 October 2012
Applying Operant Conditioning To Ones life

Operant Conditioning can easily be applied to our everyday lives. “It is a type of learning in which behavior is strengthened if followed by a reinforcer or diminished if followed by a punisher.” (Myers 236) When we observe our environment and the people with-in it, we will be able to understand and comprehend actions duly. We are also able to discern the consequences of our actions. An everyday situation which operant conditioning can be used in is parenting. When parenting, one looks for many outlets to help them raise and discipline their child. Therefore, implementing operant conditioning cannot only be helpful but rewarding. The many factors of operant conditioning such as positive and negative reinforcement can be useful. First, positive reinforcement can be useful. “Positive reinforcement is adding a desirable stimulus.” (Myers 238) Therefore, one should provide the child with a positive stimulus. For example, every time the child shows a positive behavior you can reward them with a cookie. You can also acknowledge them for doing something good by giving them high five. Second, negative reinforcement is very effective. Negative reinforcement is removing an aversive stimulus. (Myers 238) This helps strengthen the behavior because a negative condition is stopped. Sometimes, this can be ineffective. Implementing this may be hurtful when disciplining a child. An example is, if the child is whining and crying a lot, the parent might give them candy to stop this. Therefore, the child is not learning from their mistakes because they are being rewarded for it. Also, positive punishment is very helpful when parenting. “Positive punishment is administering an aversive stimulus.” (Myers 242) So, using this is very effective. When the child does something they shouldn’t do, this can be implemented. For example, receiving a time out from privileges. By doing so...
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