“Appscription” to Easier the Life

Topics: Health care, Medicine, Health Pages: 3 (1105 words) Published: January 6, 2013

Throughout the years people have been chasing after key trends in technological development. In recent years, the advent of the smart phones industry is one of the spotlight trends of the digital world that bring many useful innovations along with it by releasing beneficial applications. ‘More than 114 million people in the US owned smartphones during the three months ending in July 2012, up 7% versus April 2012’, (comScore, September 4, 2012). Social media become more dominant to shape our socio-cultural environment by affecting our way of thinking, behaving, marketing, and even interacting with each other. We are already addicted and accustomed to live with them. While we are willing to use and adapt these useful applications which make our lives easier, they appeal as varied as the number of mobile operators, producers and new comers’ interest and make them more courageous to enter new areas like medical industry. Ideas such as the rise of mobile consumption of health products lead producers to support digital health initiatives today. According to Manhattan Research, increasing demand of the mobile phones for health information and tools grew from 61 million in 2011 to 75 million this year. Over the past years, tablet usage to access health information and tools are doubled (Mobihealthnews - Oct 2, 2012). Appscription (“application” + “prescription”) is a new concept about medical industry. It provides consumers to track, manage, monitor and improve their health by using their mobile apps. (Popsop, 6 December, 2012) Smartphone Apps are obviously created to ease our lives and intends to facilitate to track daily routine health related issues such as monitoring blood pressure and sugar level, eating healthier meals, screen yourself for depression, finding out if you need glasses. Appscription is perhaps more consumer-minded than any others. (KaiserHealthNews, Jun 26, 2012)The advantage of these apps is not only...
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