Approval Sheet, Originality and Acknowledgement

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* The researchers would like to express their deepest gratitude to the creator, God Almighty for his constant guidance throughout this study. * The researchers would like to thank the following persons, groups for their hospitality, patience and understanding. To our parents for allowance support and for letting us work with our group. To our group member’s, individual residences for a accommodating us in their respective process, thank you. * The Instructress Ms. Marry Jane Navales , subject adviser for his kindness, generosity, support and guidance to the researchers throughout the making of this study. * Mr. Onofre Cuntapay, CEO-President for his support, understanding, encouragement and deep concern for all the students of the St. Catherine Institute of Technology. * Mrs. Rose Jane Cañezares, for the help she had given to the researchers especially for the information that was needed for the study. * Our loving parents, for their moral and financial support, for the love and inspiration they have given us to pursue our study. * Our friends, for the support, assistance and the courage they with us within the study. And lastly, to our Almighty God who has given us the strength, faith, guidance, knowledge and for making us strong in times of difficulties.


The researchers dedicate this study to every person that has been part of this project, Contributing their resources and knowledge regarding this project. The researchers primarily dedicate this study to their school, St. Catherine Institute of Technology. The researchers also offer this study to their instructor/instructress who persistently motivate them, so they can provide such system like this that will hopefully make a big difference in the university. To the family of the researchers who has...
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