Appropriate Recruitment Is Like Putting Money Into Bank

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“Appropriate Recruitment is like Putting Money into Bank”

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Contents| Page Number|
Overview of Banking Industry in Bangladesh| 1-6|
-The History of Banking Industry in Bangladesh| 1|
-Current Status of the Bangladesh Banking Industry| 2-4|
-Problems related with Bangladesh Banking Industry| 4-5|
-Prospect of the Banking Industry in Bangladesh | 5-6|
Literature Review| 7-13|
-Definition of recruitment and the basic recruitment process| 7| -The general recruitment process of the banks in Bangladesh| 8-13| Literature Review| 14-18|
-Comparison of bank investment and appropriate recruitment| 14-16| -Appropriate recruitment is similar to putting money into bank| 17| -Barriers of appropriate recruitment| 17-18|
Recommendations| 19-20|

Overview of Banking Industry in Bangladesh
Banking sector of Bangladesh is one of the major sectors, which contributes significantly to the national economy. The sector comprises a number of banks in various categories. Considering ownership the sector can be classified in to four major categories - such as Nationalized Commercial Banks (NCBs), Specialized Banks (SPBs), Private Commercial Banks (PCBs), and Trans-National Banks (TNBs). The History of Banking Industry in Bangladesh

After achieving independence in 1971, the government of the newly-found Bangladesh declared the Dhaka branch of 'State Bank of Pakistan' the new Central Bank and named it the 'Bangladesh Bank'. Bangladesh Bank was responsible for controlling currency and credit and monitoring exchange control. It was also the official foreign exchange Reserve. The government took over all the existing national banks and renamed them. The existing foreign banks were given permission to continue their business in Bangladesh. In the 70's, the primary focus of Bangladeshi government was agricultural development. The Krishi Bank, an agricultural banking institution, increased lending amount to farmers and fishermen. From the year 1977 to 1985, the number of rural banks all over the country went up to an astonishing number of 3,300. Slowly the government started focusing on private industries. This shift in financial priorities did not come without problems. There were no proper project approval system to identify potential borrowers and projects. Banks and financial institutions did not have proper guidance from which they could choose borrowers and projects. Slowly the banks and lending institutions had to deal with the problem of loan recovery. By the year 1987, only 27% agricultural loans were recovered. The recovery rates of industrial loans were even worse. Loans were given mainly to people with political power and most of them did not repay their loans. Slowly, major donors started to avert their funding to the banks and the government. On the other hand, Grameen Bank has been an exception in the matter of management since the beginning. Grameen Bank was established in 1983 with a view to give the poor population of the country small loans to be self-employed. 70% of the borrowers were women who were neglected in most other banks and financial institutes. The repayment conditions were 4% for rural housing and 8.5% for self-employment. In 1985, the government adapted new policies of credit recovery for the sake of financial stability. This effort was a little more effective than before. Foreign exchange reserves by the end of financial year 1985 were 476 US Dollar. The banking industry has grown in proportion since the mid-eighties. Now a lot of private banks are operating in the country; most dominant being the Uttara Bank, AB Bank and IFIC Bank.

Current status of the Bangladesh Banking Industry
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