Appropriate Place of Duty

Topics: Military, Soldier, Time Pages: 4 (1768 words) Published: March 15, 2009
This Plan of action is ambiguous and confusing. From the oral statements that were made from you I believe you wish for me to write a 1500 word essay on the (Importance of Accountability in the army) i.e.: appropriate place of duty, proper place and proper time. I Pride myself on being a soldier that is accountable for his actions at all times. The reason for this essay is, I did not follow proper orders and was not at my correct place of duty for work call, due to miscommunication through higher, but there is still no excuse for me to be undisciplined and not informing my chain. A soldier should be at right place and right time as soldier. There are many reasons why you should be at your place of duty at the right time as a soldier. The most important reason being the soldier’s safety and accountability. That’s why it’s implemented by the NCO's appointed over them. NCO’s tells you that you need to be at a location, on time; therefore you need to be there. Your NCO is only trying to help you. NCO’s want what is best for soldier’s. This shows structure in soldiers in and the soldiers' unit. As soldiers there are daily missions that call for them to be at the right place and right time. It's not a good look on a soldier when they can’t do a simple task such right place and right time. This actually shows that the soldier can’t be depended on when they are needed. This hinders a soldier when they are being look at for any promotions or special awards. As a soldier you want to make a great impression on leaders and not being able to make it on time is not acceptable. It would make things run much smoother when solders are at the appropriate place of duty on time all the time. If no one is at the right place and right time it sets the mission back.

Accountability, being at the appropriate place of duty and punctuality are the hallmarks if not the key elements of being a successful professional soldier. reason being, the united states armed forces are held to a...
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