Appropriate Observation Technique

Topics: Observation, Time, Scientific method Pages: 2 (352 words) Published: September 27, 2012
Analysing information and reaching professional judgements
Gathering relevant information

The child.

Evaluating and reviewing progress
Making decisions and planning interventions

Intervening service delivery and/or further assessment

How we assess children ^
Legal requirements:
The EYFS states:
“Ongoing assessment is an integral part of the learning and development progress. Providers must ensure that practitioners are observing children and responding appropriately to help them make progress from birth towards the early learning goals.” Your role:

* Practitioners must be able to observe and respond appropriately to children and help them make progress. * Practitioners make systematic observations and assessment of children’s achievements. * Practitioners use observations and assessment to identify learning priorities and plan learning. Factors to consider when planning your assessments:

Identify a focus for the observation, this may be:
* A learning goal for an individual child.
* An area of development for an individual or a group of children. * An activity.
* An aspect of a routine- e.g. settling in, hygiene routines, sleep time routines. Ask yourself:
* Is this a routine observation?
* Is the observation in response to an identified concern? * What is the most appropriate time to complete the observation? * Have you identified an appropriate observation technique? Consulting with others:

Have you discussed your planned observation with:
* Supervisor
* Colleagues
* Parents
* The child
Safeguards for children:
* Have you considered the child’s interests and needs?
* Are you aware of the child’s possible responses to the situation? * Are you able to report objectively?
* Did you have any pre-conceived views? - This is particularly important when you are observing in response to an identified concern. Confidentiality:
* Who are you going to share your information...
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