Appropriate Emotional Support

Topics: Anxiety, Happiness, Fear Pages: 1 (269 words) Published: February 21, 2013
Appropriate Emotional Support
Happiness helps people to enjoy life and to seek similar pleasurable experiences. Help children and adolescents to find appropriate outlets to express their joy and celebrate with them. Encourage them to talk about things they are happy about. Some people are happy the end of the school year has come. They are happy because there is no more homework to do unless you have to go to summer school. What to look for in happiness is laughter and smiles. Fear occurs when people feel threatened and believe that their physical safety and psychological well-being are at stake. Fear motivates people to flee, escape from harm, seek reassurance, and perhaps fight back. Help children to articulate their fears and offer reassurance. When someone is in fear you want to look for a scared look on their face and possible sweating. People are sad when they realize that they cannot reach a desired goal or when they experience a loss. Sadness causes some people to evaluate their goals, and it prompts others to offer nurturance. Help youngsters to express their sadness and to think of ways to deal with their feelings. Being quiet, crying, and sad expression are all signs of sadness. As long as they are not excessive, worries can cause people to take steps to avoid the problem. These steps can make them more successful in achieving their standards. Help youngsters to take steps to contain their worries and to take proactive measures to achieve reasonable standards of performance in areas of most significant concern to them. Frequent worrying is a sign of anxiety.
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