Appropriate and Inapropriate Technology in the Agriculture Sectors in Zambia

Topics: Agriculture, Poverty, Irrigation Pages: 7 (2528 words) Published: November 6, 2012
QUESTION: Zambia uses both appropriate and inappropriate technology in various sectors. Choose one sector of your choice, identify and discuss both appropriate and inappropriate technology being used in that sector. Originality and practical examples are encouraged in your easy.

Zambia uses both appropriate and inappropriate technology in various sectors. This approach has had both negative and positive impact on Zambia’s efforts to development. And so, for us to appreciate this impact, let focus on one key sector of the economy where appropriate and inappropriate technology is used .In this paper I shall focus on this agricultural sector as the area of research. In the first place, I shall focus on establishing the working definition of the terminologies we are using namely: appropriate and inappropriate technology. The clear understanding of these terms will help us appreciate the extent of the research in the said sector .In order for us to establish fully how such technology is classified as appropriate or not, I shall argue with the aid of examples drawn from the Zambian Agricultural sector, focusing on the success and failures in the sector. The whole essences is to analysis is the extent at which technology affect the rate as well as the quality of development in a particular sector. The usage of appreciate technology is mostly meant to solve issues such as extreme poverty, starvation, unemployment and urban migration. And so, the success scored in that sector definitely will determine the appropriateness of the technology that has been used .This line of argument will only be applicable in concrete situations as found in Zambia. It is for this reason that this paper will spend time analyzing practical examples of technology usage in the agricultural sector. And so, as a way concluding our discussion, I shall establish the possible ways in which technology can use appropriately in order to better the lives of most Zambians. As we will see, at times it is a problem of application more than the technology that is at fault. (Akuffo 2006) despite rapid technological change in recent decades, many of the ways of thinking of people refrain rooted in the old system. In other words ignorance and not lack of technology is a factor to underdevelopment in most poor countries. The term technology is made up of two words name “techno” which is loosely interpreted as the skill or equipment and “logy” as the knowledge that one acquires in order to use a particular skills or equipment or tool. This notion of technology has both moral as well as social implication. In other words, the implications are such that if an individual does not have the necessary training and yet acquires the equipment, they may fail to use the technology. At the same time, one can have the knowledge or an idea of a machine, but they might not have the skills needed to operate such a piece of machine or equipment. This view brings us to the issue of right or wrong technology or better put, appropriate and inappropriate technology. The term appropriate implies that the technology being used as suitable and conducive, and such technology is responsive to particular needs. It answers the challenges that are being faced in a particular setting. Of course, it is not a question of percentage but success being scored .Here the understanding is that such technology is able to be used for the betterment of the immediate community. In short, it addresses the needs of the community at hand. (Akuffo 2006) in some respect, technological advances have improved life and brought the world’s people closer together with a global village (p.37). The challenges being faced could include issues such as poverty, hunger, disease, unemployment, and lack of basic needs. And so, when such technology is applied, it can be considered to be appropriate if such challenges are eradicated or even reduced to a greater extent. The term implies that such a technology is not responsive...
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