Approaches to Visual Communication

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Approaches to visual communication
CDG 218
July 18, 2011

Visual Communication
TV & People


Web Design

Visual Communication
In maintaining effective communication, utilizing visual communication is an important part of advertising and/or expressing ideas without actually saying them. Visual communication can be best utilized in a classroom. Shapes and colors, charts and graphs, and cartoons and illustrations are examples of approaches to visual communication. Visuals of business progress or digress should be clearly communicated through any visual communication that relates to the operation of the business. Visual communication can be learned and is used at an early age. In this paper, the three different approaches to visual communication that I chose were TV & people, emails, and web design. I will be discussing why each approach is effective in communicating my message, and which approach I feel is the most effective.

The first approach I am going to talk about is TV & people; the message is TV & people given alone with a visual (picture) of a man and his dog watching TV. When I saw that picture I automatically remembered that television as already stated is easy means of visual communication, because you can see what is happening. The second approach is emails the message is managing emails efficiency with a visual (picture) of a mailbox with a boy covered with a bunch of mail in different colors. Emailing is an effective approach in communicating both for business and personal use. It can give a sort of immediate response communication for a range of questions or can be used effectively for gathering communications. For example, when you stop work to reply instantly to every email, “studies show it takes a full 2 minutes to be back to your previous level of concentration, two minutes here and there adds up to a significant amount of time” (Wilson, 2011). The final approach is web design the message is the design...
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