Approaches to Stakeholder Impact Analysis

Pages: 1 (367 words) Published: January 24, 2012
Approaches to Stakeholder Impact Analysis
When looking at the first scenario in appendix b we see that there is an obvious call for an ethical decision to be made. By addressing stakeholders and looking at each of the three separate approaches we can determine that the best decision and most ethical one is to allow the mall to be built in the space where the seniors’ nursing home and recreational center is. With the five question approach we see that; having the mall built in the town will be profitable, if the center sells the land and the recreation center is run by the town than yes it is legal, it is not exactly fair to the senior citizens involved, but it is fair to the town who so badly needs the business, in this case it is the lesser of two evils, if the mall is not bought to town than the people miss out on a great opportunity, unfortunately the seniors will have to be uprooted, and in the end the mall being built benefits more people than it would inconvenience. A moral standard approach shows that; while the elderly are not able to stay where they are, the economy needs the boost, maximum social benefit with minimal social injury, while the senior home has the right to sell the property it will not violate anyone’s rights, no one is being left with no where to go, while some may not be happy of the decision made, no ones rights are being violated, and the benefits far out weigh the burdens in this case, while the burdens are apparent and unfortunately necessary the benefits are evident. Using Pastin’s approach we see that; the rules and values of this scenario show that a declining towns economy needs a boost, For all concerned the malls presence will benefit the people who live in the town, he seniors relocation needs to be taken into account, where they will go and how the town will compensate them for this inconvenience, and by making a recreational center for seniors be a part of the mall and finding a new area for their senior home to...
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