Approaches to Labour Welfare

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The various approaches to labour welfare reflect the attitudes and belief of the agencies, which are, engages in welfare activities. Welfare facilities may be provided on religious, philanthropic or some other grounds. Moreover, the different approaches to labour welfare reflect the evolution of the concept of welfare. In the bygone days, the government of the land had to compel the owner of the industrial establishment to provide such basic amenities as canteens, rest rooms, drinking water, good working conditions, and so forth, for their employees. Such compulsion was necessary because the employer believed in exploiting labour and treating it in an unfair manner.

However, the time has changed, and the concept of welfare too, has undergone changes. Much progressive management today provides welfare activities (facilities), voluntarily and with enlightened willingness and enthusiasm. Infect the welfare facilities are not restricted to the workers alone. They have now been extended to include social welfare. Some agencies provide welfare facilities inspired by religious faith, others as a philanthropic duty and the like.

Labour welfare activities in an industrialized society has far reaching impact not only on the work force but also all the facets of human resources. Labour welfare includes all such activities, which not only secures existential necessities but also ensures improvement in spiritual and emotional quotient. It comprises of short term and long terms goal toward building a human society. To keep the employees motivated and committed various welfare facilities are provided by the organization not only to the employees but also to their family member too.


The term 'Welfare' expresses many ideas, meanings and connotations, such as the state of well being, health, happiness, prosperity and the development of human resources.

The phrase Labour Welfare means the adoption of measures to promote the physical, social, psychological and general well being of the working population.

➢ As per the view of Oxford Dictionary:"A state of faring or doing well. Freedom from calamity , enjoyment of health and prosperity".

➢ As per the Encyclopedia of Social Science: "the voluntary efforts of the employers to establish, within the existing industrial system, working and sometimes living and cultural conditions of employees beyond what is required by law, the customs of the industry and the condition of market".

➢ As per the Report of the Committee on Labour welfare: “such services, facilities and amenities as adequate canteens, rest and recreation facilities, sanitary and medical facilities, arrangements for travel to and from work and for the accommodation of workers employed at a distance from their homes and such other services, amenities and facilities including social security measures as contribute to improve the conditions under which worker are employer."



➢ To provide better life and health to the workers
➢ To make the workers happy and satisfied
➢ To relieve workers from industrial fatigue and to improve intellectual, cultural and material conditions of living of the workers. DIFFERENT APPROACHES TO LABOUR WELFARE:


1. The Policing Theory:

This is based on the contention that a minimum standard of welfare is necessary for laborers. Here the assumption is that without policing, that is, without compulsion, employers do not provide even the minimum facilities for workers. Apparently, this theory assumes that man is selfish and self centered and always tries to achieve his own ends, even at the cost of the welfare of others. According to this theory, owners and managers of industrial undertakings get many opportunities for exploitation of labour. Hence, the state has to intervene to provide minimum standard of...
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