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Theoretical Background
Industrial Relations are concerned with the rules, processes and mechanism through which the relationships between employers and employees and their representative organizations, as well as between them on the one hand and the state and its agencies on the other, are regulated (De Silva 2004). Human resource is a unique asset which will drive the organization to the success. But the management of the organization should always keep in mind that it is a difficult task to handle this resource compared to the other resources such as machines, equipments and etc. as they have the thinking ability and the ability to react. So Industrial relation is an important aspect in any organization. There are three approaches available for an organization when managing the industrial relations within the organization and they are discussed briefly below; * Pluralist Perspective :

Pluralism assumes that workplace conflicts are inevitable because they believe that organizations and employee relationships are complex and difficult to understand. It suggests that existence of conflicts cannot be eliminated as they arise from the structure of the organization. Management and the trade unions will play a major role under this perspective. And their different objectives would be the reason for the conflicts. Collective bargaining can be used to resolve these conflicts. * Unitarist Perspective:

Unitarism on the other hand assumes that work place conflicts can be eliminated if the organization is able to maintain a strong relationship with its employees. So both parties would have to share a one common goal and drive towards achieving it. Trust, faith and loyalty play a prominent role in this perspective. And in these types of organizations trade unions are not in existence as there is no requirement by the employees. Because the management is capable of maintaining a strong relationship where both parties are satisfied.

* Marxist Perspective:...
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