Approaches to Decision Making

Topics: Infectious disease, Immune system, Cleanliness Pages: 2 (517 words) Published: December 21, 2012
In Scenario two, the administrators of a nursing home have noticed increased rates of infection at their nursing home. Increased rates of infections have to be kept low in case of complications for the residents. Nursing homes need to maintain proper cleanliness to decrease the risk of patients getting sick. As we age, our bodies get weaker and are more prone to getting sick, if their homes are not being properly clean. Nursing homes that continue to have a high infection rate they are also at risk for fines. Nursing homes have infection control officers that come in and inspect their building to maintain proper cleanliness. If the control officer notices any kind of mess that can cause infection, the home will be fined and will have to clean it as soon as possible. Nursing home administrators have decided to have a group meeting to discuss different ways to reduce the cause of infections at their facility. Managers can approach this situation by first searching to find where the infections are coming from. Then by discussing and showing fellow employees what needs to be cleaned. Management should also explain to employees about fines they can receive for not maintaining proper cleanliness in their facility and worst case scenario they could possibly get their facility shut down. Managers also need to explain how important it is to decrease the risk of infections because of their residents. Hiring managers should explain to the employee before getting hired how important it is, if you see a mess clean it up. Administrators need to make sure that all staff is participating in keeping the facility clean and assuring the residents are happy. They must also pay close attention to the residents medical conditions and take care of any necessary illness. Talking as a group is better than talking one and one most of the time. In this case, the best way to discuss this situation is by a group meeting. It assures that everyone is one the same page and they are seeing the...
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