Approaches for Green Computing

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  • Published : April 23, 2013
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Approaches for Green Computing
The advancements of technologies and machines by humans have led to one significant change all over the world and that is the climate change and other environment related changes and problems. People in all countries are thus trying to reduce their consumption of power and depleting natural resources for protecting the future of their future generations. This is one of the major agendas on which the people are working to make sure that the world doesn’t go worse than what it is. Hence, green computing has been adopted by all computer enthusiasts and computer scientists. We would discuss the major approaches that can help achieving green computing. Development of hardware that requires lesser power is one of the most commonly used approaches for green computing. Engineers from everywhere are developing new hardware systems that would consume less power. Special screens, special processing units and even devices run on solar power are being developed on a regular basis. Human minds work in mysterious ways and one of the weird yet smart ways in which people have decided to reduce on the use of power by computers is virtualization, wherein the computer software is modified and designed in a way such that it can stimulate the hardware. Several companies making use of large servers and numerous systems have started adopting this method of virtualization for better output. Computer scientists have also initiated the use of cloud computing, a special measure that includes saving of all the information and even artificial intelligence over the internet. The power utilization of the servers making use of cloud computing becomes extremely less and hence this is one of the biggest advantages of the same. Where computer scientists are trying to adopt lower power consuming hardware, cloud computing is something that would assist in the process. Green computing is not only about lesser power consumption but includes several other measures and...
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