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Approach to Website Design

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Approach to Website Design

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Approach to Website Design

With the gigantic growth of companies' web sites in the last years, corporations have felt obligated to also establish a "Web presence" to remain competitive. In this paper we are going to discuss the way and method in how to design a Web site from scratch for a company with no web presence. In order to meet users' needs, the web designers have to research and preferable follow a well thought project design plan. We are only going to discuss a basic approach to web design. A good approach to resolve the issue is to follow a straight line of attack for designing Web sites founded on users' feedback and expectations. I)Determine Website's Main Purpose

It is very important to be clear and focused about the site's objectives and purposes. Here are some common website purposes: a)Build your brand and create an online brochure
b)Provide product information to drive local sales to dealers' locations. c)Sell advertising.
d)Sell products or services directly on the Internet.
e)Customer service and support

II) Audience Definition
The capability to design a usable and useful web site is based upon the availability of a clear audience definition. One way to define the audience is conducting user surveys. III) Create an Outline of the Website

a)Divide the Website into Logical Sections Organize the site both logically and with several directories, one for each section. It is a good idea to plan it on paper first. It is much more difficult to reorganize the site WebPages once the site is up and running. IV) Develop a Site Navigation System

To keep user in the website we have to make it easy to navigate. The larger the site, the more important the need for a good navigation system, here are some of the fundamental systems: a)Left side menu lists

b)Tabs near the top of the webpage helps users to swiftly find the most important sections of the website. c)A navigation bar at the top
d)A search bar
e)10 most common...

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