Approach to Hr Data Collection, Storage and Usage

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Within X data is being collected in a systematic approach of set guidelines. Subsequently stored and made easily available to all relevant people.
Reasons why X collets HR data

X needs to keep certain information in order to:

satisfy legal requirements
provide relevant information in decision making and for consultation requirement record contractual arrangements and agreements
keep contact details of employees
provide documentation in the event of a claim against the organisation
The most important reason for collecting the HR data is to meet the legal requirement. In case of Government Department (e.g. Inland Revenue) demanding information on the number of employees, how many hours they work, their salaries etc X is obliged to provide these data. Furthermore, HR records contain information that can protect the organisation from claims (employee discriminated against or unfairly dismissed). Mainly though the HR data is collected in order to enable the organisation to make decisions related to the organisation and/or employees e.g. human resources planning. …

Types of data that is collected within the X and how it supports the HR practice
Within X there are many different types of data which is collected. Generally these fall into the following 3 ranges: employee records, company data and statutory records.
Personal data is a type of data which consist of the following information: employee name, address, telephone number, next of keen etc. It enables HR to contact employees in case of last minute changes (over the phone) or any contractual changes (letters).

Payroll data consist of a ‘basic pay’ and any ‘additional payments’. It allows HR to e.g. identify who is due for annual increment (X policy) through pay history monitoring as well as incorporate additional payments to the basic (contractual) salary e.g. honorarium or simply monitor number of employees...
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