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1. What is Bagchi hoping to accomplilsh as the Gardener? What is your assessment of the Gardening process? (3 Marks)

Bagchi as a Gardener purpose is to successfully groom the next level of leader in Mindtree. His job is something like a gardener tending to the plant offer guidance and groom leader thru self-discovery and reflection, Bagchi believe that the next level of leaders will be like a gardener tending to the garden themselves and in turn help groom and provide for his subordinates.

The gardening process is consist of six stages, 1st stage is the identified of the leaders, the top 100 that will be groomed for leadership are being selected. The 2nd stage- is let the potential leaders answer the five question, thru the five questions Bagchi hope the leaders to be self-discovery and self-actualisation. The 3rd stage- Leaders to share their experiences, the Gardener want the personal-professional touch with the leaders. The 4th stage- Gardener asks leaders for self-reflection on the 2nd step and does some sensemaking it also does a series of action responses. This is guidance for the leaders to response to problem and to know that Learning is the core (experimenting and experiencing). The 5th stage is for the leaders to ask question and continue with the action response. What is does is that it want to have a stimulating leaders, not a ruling leaders. The 6th stage is where the gardener and the leaders will settle on the action.

Bagchi focus on personal-professional aspect instead of all work prove that he hope to groom leaders that in future will have a flat organization, he want to show that the personal aspect is equally important. He wanted that once the boundary of the boss-worker relationship is minimize a learning network type of structure will exist. The other purpose of the process is to let the leaders have a self- discovery and helps them analyze and envision things in new ways and hope that the leaders can soar higher after the session....
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